HUNTER NATION Wisconsin Chapter Update – Spring 2024

Wisconsin Chapter Update – Spring 2024

The last few months have been busy with listening sessions, testifying in Madison for hunters’ rights, attending sporting group meetings and hosting live events. Hunter Nation Wisconsin recently held two Wolf War II events with local legislators, our members, and the hunting community. While predator management is at the forefront of what we are currently engaged in, this was an open forum opportunity to discuss predators, our whitetail deer herd and all wildlife management needs in our state with elected officials.

These events are your opportunity to hear about our predator management plan and join our growing grass roots Wisconsin chapter.


Congressman Tom Tiffany and Representative Chanz Green from Assembly District 74 were on hand. We had a strong turnout and were able to live stream the meeting to an additional 2,200+ viewers.


Next Listening Session Event

I am excited to announce our next event which will be held on
Tuesday April 16th in Park Falls at the American Legion Hall Post 182 at 6pm.   This will be another opportunity to discuss predators, whitetails, turkey, and all wildlife management opportunities in our state. Elected state legislators will be in attendance as well. Mark your calendar now and get there early as it will be packed!

Date: April 16, 2024 (Tuesday)
Time: 6 PM to 10 PM
Location: American Legion Hall – Post 182

Address: 274 N 3rd Ave, Park Falls, WI 54552



These events are important as we continue our work for you as the United Voice of the Wisconsin Hunter


Wisconsin State Update – Spring 2024

Proud Partner of the
Wisconsin Bear Hunter’s Association


In March, we had the honor of again being a part of the 60th Annual Wisconsin Bear Hunter’s Association (WBHA) annual convention.


This annual event brings together a group committed to protecting bear hunting rights, promoting youth hunting, and supporting conservation here in Wisconsin. Hunter Nation is proud to work closely & partner with the Wisconsin bear hunters – Thank You!



Wisconsin Wolf Watch

Hunter Nation is at the forefront of predator management. We support the removal of a federal delisting of wolves to place them in the management of the state and hold the WI DNR responsible to set not only a numeric population goal, but a harvest quota as well.
Our plan is simple, but not easy. We need to unite and be vocal. We will continue to work to get Congress to pass H.R. 764 – Trust the Science Act that was introduced by Wisconsin Representative Tom Tiffany and Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert. This bill will legislatively delist the gray wolf in the lower 48 states with NO JUDICIAL REVIEW. Thus, eliminating the Left’s use of liberal judges to block sound wildlife management.


Hunter Nation Founder Keith Mark, Rep. Tom Tiffany & Hunter Nation Chairman of the Board Rock Bordelon meeting in Wisconsin


While we continue to fight for a federal delisting of wolves and placing them in the states control, an important piece to follow is the lawsuit filed by the Center for Biological Diversity which now requires the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to draft a new recovery plan for gray wolves within the next two year