HUNTER NATION Brittany Jill on the Challenges of Hunting while 35 Weeks Pregnant GOOD READING!

Brittany Jill on the Challenges of Hunting
while 35 Weeks Pregnant


One of my favorite hunts was my hunt from this past deer season. I was pregnant with my 2nd son and my goal was to get a doe with my bow. I was 35 weeks pregnant when I had a doe walk in and I made a great shot on her! I called my husband because my one rule from my doctor was “no dragging a deer out.” Once my husband showed up we found her about 70 yards away. That afternoon we went back out to try for a buck because we knew he was somewhere close because the trail camera had him on camera earlier in the day.


My husband and I got to the blind we were going to hunt in. He had agreed to film the hunt. As I got into the blind I looked back and saw my husband staring at something intently. At that moment, I saw our target buck stand up and run the opposite direction. He had been bedded about 50 yards from the blind. We had to change our game plan and move to a blind on the other side of the property. That’s why it’s always good to have a Plan B but it wouldn’t be easy.


At 35 weeks pregnant I didn’t want to waddle all the way there, so I got on the E-bike and rode to the other blind while my husband walked. We got set up and after about an hour or so, I saw a buck in the woods to our right. It wasn’t my target buck we had seen earlier in the day, but it was a buck I would have been thrilled to get a shot at. When he started walking away, my husband snort wheezed at him. The call had its intended effect and the buck turned and started coming our way.


I was trying to control my breathing while my husband was getting the camera focused on him. In retrospect I probably sounded like I was at birthing class! Quietly, I drew back on the buck 3 different times waiting for him to turn broadside. The 3rd time was the charm. Finally, the buck was perfectly broadside, so I let my arrow go. All my practice paid off as the arrow hit right behind his shoulder. After waiting 30 minutes, we got out to look for the buck. The blood trail was easy to follow, and we quickly found my him. Once again, my sweet husband had to do the hard work and he drug the deer out for me.


I am so proud that I made it happen while 35 weeks pregnant. I’m not sure how many women can say they have harvested any animal with a bow while that pregnant, but I sure can! It was also amazing taking pictures with my toddler and letting him see mom’s “BIG BUCK!”

That buck will soon be hanging in my our new son’s room because he was with me (in my belly) for the hunt! I knew I was going to be very pregnant this hunting season, which is why I wasn’t setting my hopes high. I had convinced myself that a doe would be a great 2023 trophy, but in the end, God blessed us beyond my wildest dreams. And I am not just talking about the beautiful trophy buck!


Brittany Jill
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