NBEF’s Shot Placement Tools

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

NBEF’s Shot Placement Tools

The National Bowhunter Education Foundation (NBEF) continues to be at the forefront of enhancing the bowhunting experience, offering an array of educational tools designed to increase success and safety for bowhunters. These educational aids are designed to improve shot accuracy for quicker harvests and game recovery.

Advanced Anatomy and Shot Placement Guides for Whitetail DeerTurkeyElk and Black Bear Each guide offers transparent overlays and accompanying text specific to the respective species, for both firearm hunters and bowhunters. These guides are essential resources for hunting guides, hunter education instructors and informed hunters, ensuring ethical and precise shot placement for successful hunts. Part of the International Bowhunter Education Program Hunter Responsibility Series. Suggested retail price: $12.50 each.

Mini 3D Durable Deer Foam Model Get hands-on with the Mini 3D Deer Foam Model, an ultra-realistic model molded from high-quality, durable foam and exclusively crafted for NBEF by Rinehart Targets. This model provides a tactile understanding of shot placement, with the reverse side revealing vital organs and major bones. A stick pin is included to demonstrate shot placement, making it an essential tool for refining your hunting skills. Suggested retail price: $75.00. Sale price: $65.00.

The Mini 3D Durable Foam Bear Model An excellent addition to hunter education classes and hunter certification courses, the Mini 3D Durable Foam Bear Model is molded from high-quality, durable foam and exclusively crafted for NBEF by Rinehart Targets. This realistic model features a cutaway design on the reverse side, exposing vital organs and major bones, while a stick pin is included for practical shot placement demonstrations. Measuring 12.5” in length and 8.25” in height, this model is a valuable educational tool. Suggested retail price: $75.00. Sale price: $65.00.

The 3D Whitetail Deer Anatomy Sectional Ideal for hunter education classes and hunter certification courses, the 3D Whitetail Deer Anatomy Sectional is a life-size, pre-drilled model that demonstrates arrow shot placement on white-tailed deer. This educational tool comes complete with a removable magnetic scapula and a display stand. Please allow for possible extended lead times when ordering this product. Suggested retail price: $250.00.

Executive Director of NBEF Marilyn Bentz emphasizes the importance of using reference information and tools to ensure safer and more successful hunts. “As stewards of our sport, it’s important to educate ourselves using the best learning tools available,” shared Bentz.

NBEF helps bowhunters learn to be safe, successful and stewards of the sport. NBEF offers bowhunting instructional items, books, videos, 3-D models, apparel and more at nbef.org.

Editor Note:  I have several of these from over 25 years ago and still use them to help young hunters see where their shots will go.  Every hunter education class should have one of each of these in them.  Please support your local hunter education classes and buy a few of these.  Money well spent.  Roger