Your Guide To The 2023 Gun Deer Season

Your Guide To The 2023 Gun Deer Season

Spending your weekend getting ready for gun deer season? Here’s what you need to know. / Photo Credit:

This year’s gun deer season is allllllllmost here. Spending the weekend getting prepped? Here’s what you need to know.

Purchasing Your License

If you haven’t purchased a license yet, head over to your Go Wild account and get one before hunting. Make sure you have it ready to go so you’re not fumbling with your phone from the tree stand on opening morning with no cell service.

Then, double check you’ll have proper proof of license with you while hunting, to be on the safe side.

Remember Regulations

Before you head into the field this year, be sure you’re familiar with this year’s shooting hours, season dates and other hunting regulations. There are no new regulations this year, but it’s never a bad time for a refresher.


Plan Ahead To Slow The Spread

Testing your deer for CWD is free and available to any hunter in the state. These tests inform you about the status of your deer and provide valuable data to monitor the presence of CWD in Wisconsin.

We offer four convenient ways to test your deer for CWD this fall:

  • At a 24/7 self-service kiosk.
  • In-person drop-off at one of our sampling partners.
  • At-home lymph node extraction (we have the instructions).
  • By appointment with your local DNR staff.

Visit our CWD Sampling webpage to find the option that works best for you.

Don’t forget to use the online CWD reporting form to save time.

Photo Credit: Wisconsin DNR


Properly Dispose Of Your Deer Waste

Once you finish processing your deer, safely dispose of the deer carcass and waste in a deer carcass dumpster provided in partnership with individuals and organizations around the state. Proper carcass disposal helps slow the spread of CWD by removing potentially infected deer waste from the landscape.

Do some research now to find a location near where you’ll be hunting.


Find Your Hunting Spot

Our Public Access Lands Mapping Application (PALS) can be your best friend when searching for that perfect hunting spot. PALS combines data from multiple sources all together in one easy-to-use mapping application.



Take Someone Hunting This Year

If you know someone who wants to hunt but wasn’t able to get into a Hunter Safety class, the Mentored Hunting Law allows them to participate through the purchase of a mentored-only hunting license.

With a mentored-only license, someone who isn’t safety-certified can still harvest a deer as long as they stay within arm’s reach of an adult licensed hunter at all times.

Photo Credit: Wisconsin DNR


Check out our online deer camp for even more great hunting resources to get you ready for the season!