Wisconsin embraces innovation in hunting by opening up new opportunities.

ICYMI March 2024

Wisconsin embraces innovation in hunting by opening up new opportunities, allowing the use of air guns for large game hunting. This decision marks a significant shift in Wisconsin hunting practices and has stirred excitement among hunting enthusiasts.

two hunter riding ebikes look through binoculars for quarry

Wisconsin Opens to Large Game Airgun Hunting

The new legislation permits hunters to use air guns for pursuing deer and other large game during specific hunting seasons. This development expands the arsenal available to hunters and puts Wisconsin in good company with the growing number of states where air gun hunting of large game is legal. Take a look at the air gun hunting map for more details.

If you’re thinking about hunting large game, you’ll need a PCP air rifle. PCPs are the only air rifles with the power needed to take medium to large game, and the larger the game, the more power you’ll need. Our game guide can fill you in. If you’re looking for the best large game air rifles, you can read our guide, or stay tuned for a few favorites.

Seneca Dragon Claw II
Seneca Dragon Claw II

Upgraded from the previous model, the Seneca Dragon Claw II improved power by 100+ FPE and holds 500cc at 3000psi. All of this was accomplished without compromising usability. It’s among the most versatile air rifles available with the ability to shoot slugs or airgun arrows. Unleash this beast, and you’ll dominate the hunting grounds.

With great reviews for accuracy and power, the Hatsan Piledriver lives up to its name. One of the favorite features of this rifle is the two-stage adjustable trigger. Take on the wilderness with this formidable hunter and fill your freezer with your harvest.

Of course, no air rifle hunting list is complete without the AirForce Texan LSS. Redefining the essence of quiet precision, this moderated PCP is crafted for the hunter who masters the shadows. You can become virtually invisible as you stalk your prey and merge with the environment. The quieter operation and lethal accuracy combine to ensure each shot is undetected and unfailing.