WI Gun Background Check Expansion Bills Still in Play

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WI Gun Background Check Expansion Bills Still in Play

Dear Friend,

Earlier this year, WGO alerted you about how Democrats in the Wisconsin legislature are pushing for an expansion of the state’s gun background check system.

They introduced two bills, AB368/SB372, and WGO has registered its OPPOSITION to both.

Not only that, but WGO has collected petitions on this issue and before the session ends we must send the message that these bills must die in committee.

But here’s a quick recap of the situation:

WGO has low confidence that State Republicans will oppose these bills. We already know that some Republicans think they can “beat anti-gunners to the punch” by introducing their own ‘compromise’ gun control amendments or even supporting these dangerous anti-gun bills.

We call that ‘fashioning the chains that bind us.’

Republicans are notorious for acquiescing to the hysterical cries for a strengthened National Instant Check System (NICS) in the wake of more shootings — all in the name of “improving” background checks.

Such a sell-out would be based on an appeasement strategy, which is always a good way to lose.

AB368/SB372 will:

*** Make it a felony to sell a firearm without a background check to a trusted family member or a lifelong friend.

*** Grease the skids for the “see a shrink, lose your guns” policy that Congress is desperate to reauthorize with Republican support.

*** Open the door to much lower standards of “mental illness,” making it easier for anti-gun doctors and bureaucrats to put gun owners on the “prohibited persons list.”

*** Reinforce the foundation for a national gun registration scheme. Wisconsin’s Assembly and State Senate Republicans should abolish NICS, not expand it.


1.  Visit WGO’s Online Action Center and urge your WI lawmakers to oppose these bills. Tell them to refuse ANY compromise plan and to defund the background system … restoring our right to buy guns without government permission.

There’s no question that bureaucrats will abuse these new definitions of “firearm transfers” and ensnare law-abiding gun owners across the Badger State.

Let’s be sure these bills are DOA.

Thank you,

Corey Graff
Executive Director

P.S. – We must stop Wisconsin Democrats’ plan to strengthen the dangerous background check system! Visit WGO’s Action Center and urge your Wisconsin lawmakers to OPPOSE AB368/SB372. Without your pressure, we fear Republicans could hatch a backroom deal with gun grabbers. They’ve done it before.


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