Not a lot of fish anymore on the East & West Twin Rivers.

This photo was from 2020 fall run. The weekend of October 23 and 24 sucked. West Twin River had only a handful of fishermen between the two Dams.  At Mishicot on the East Twin River there was only about 8 fishermen along the whole river. Fishing for Brown Trout has been reported on the Manitowoc River and Branch River this last week. Manitowoc River has the Olso Dam ( County Rd. S ) which has been opened up to allow the fish to go up to the Clarks Mills Dam. (County Rd. J )  I did find some fishmen fishing at the Lower Cato Falls which is in-between the two dams. Good luck to all those who come to fish.  I will let you know if the brown trout are up and running.