Massachusetts: HD.4420 Turns Sportsmen into Felons

Massachusetts: HD.4420 Turns Sportsmen into Felons


House Docket 4420 does nothing to reduce gun violence in the Bay State and instead will turn virtually all law-abiding sportsmen of any age into felons.  In June, HD.4420 was sent to the Judiciary Committee, and Speaker Ron Mariano attempted to push this massive gun control bill through before summer recess. Due to a procedural disagreement with the Senate and caucus member concerns, however,HD.4420 stalled.

Now that summer recess is over, we expect movement on this egregious “kitchen sink” gun control bill.

Currently HD.4420:

  1. Bans anyone under the age of 21 from acquiring or carrying any semi-automatic rifle or shotgun.
  2. Bans anyone under the age of 15 from taking part in shooting sports and training.
  3. Bans possessing any firearm, loaded, or unloaded at:
    1. any private property unless the owner has provided express consent or has posted signage allowing firearms on their property,
    2. all state, county, and municipal buildings, and
    3. all polling places.
  4. Bans all legal, federally tax-stamped automatic firearms.
  5. Institutes a new, broad “Assault Weapons Ban,” including firearms already owned by law-abiding citizens.
  6. Mandates registration of all firearms and feeding devices.
  7. Mandates reporting of any modifications or new parts to a firearm.
  8. Mandates serializing all firearm parts.
  9. Mandates safe storage laws.
  10. Mandates new training requirements including costly written exams and live fire training.
  11. Places new mandates, protocols, and training requirements on retailers.

Even Massachusetts Chiefs of Police and many local departments are raising serious concerns over HD.4420. Plymouth Police Chief Dana Flynn wrote a letter stating, “Despite claims this bill attempts to stem the flow of illegal firearms into the state while increasing protection from gun violence, I see no language that would lead one to believe this rationale to be true. Instead, it appears the only thing this bill will accomplish is turning thousands of our law-abiding residents into criminals overnight.”

Please use our Take Action button to email your state Representative AND Senator urging them to OPPOSE HD.4420 or any type of legislation that will only affect law-abiding sportsmen and gun owners.

The Senate also announced it will be working on its own gun control bill. We will update you as soon as we hear of any action on the Senate version.

Don’t forget to share this important alert with your family, friends, and fellow sportsmen urging them to email their state Representative and Senator asking them to OPPOSE HD.4420 or any type of gun control legislation. The Bay State will need all its sportsmen and gun owners working together to stop HD.4420.

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