Manitowoc Gun Club Members Are All Winners At 119th Wis. State Shoot



Well, another Wisconsin state shoot is in the books. The 119th annual Wisconsin State Shoot had some of the highest numbers of shooters ever. Included in that number were 19 members from Manitowoc Gun Club, marking an all-time high for the club.

The week went fast, and many good scores were shot. Everyone shot some personal best scores and some even placed in certain events.

Al Ansorge won two events, one being runner-up in event No. 2 Handicap and Yardage group and in event No. 12, Handicap. As a result, he gained 1.5 yards and now will shoot handicap at the 21.5-yard line.

Wally Norkosky also placed first in Class D doubles event No. 3, Class C runner-up in singles event No. 6, high all-around in Class C and high overall in Class C.

Jeff LeBeau took Class C runner-up for singles in event No. 11. Lee Fischer took High All-Round Class B for the championship doubles, singles and handicap.

Tom Hartman won yardage group in handicap event No. 5 and Dave Herrmann won yardage group in handicap event No. 9.

Butch Yindra shot a score that gained him a half yard for handicap in event 7, and now will shoot handicap from the 23-yard line.

It was an amazing experience and great times had by all. The best part was having such an excellent group of club members there and having the support for each other. Thanks to all who participated and had fun