DNR Report of Hunting Dogs Depredated by Wolves

Hunting Dogs Depredated in Douglas, Burnett, Sawyer, and Oneida Counties

USDA- Wildlife Services confirmed that the following hunting dogs were killed or injured by wolves:

  • 7/22/18, two Walker trailing hounds injured in Douglas County, Town of Solon Springs
  • 7/28/18, Plott trailing hound injured in Douglas County, Town of Gordon
  • 7/29/18, Walker trailing hound injured in Burnett County, Town of Anderson
  • 7/29/18, Plott trailing hound killed in Sawyer County, Town of Winter
  • 7/29/18, Walker trailing hound injured in Oneida County, Town of Enterprise

More information and a caution-area maps are available on the gray wolf webpage.

Hunters are reminded to use the caution-area maps on the DNR website (dnr.wi.gov, keyword “wolf depredation”) to help reduce conflicts.