Deer Hunting Is A Wisconsin Tradition



Deer Hunting Is A Wisconsin Tradition

Group camraderie is a key part of the deer hunting experience. 

The first weekend of Wisconsin’s annual gun deer hunting season is in the books!

But there’s still time to get out there – the gun season runs through Nov. 26 and the archery and crossbow seasons run through Jan. 7, 2024.

Not gonna make it out there? That’s ok. The fall issue of Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine will help you feel like you’re afield with a snapshot of the season.

Plus, there’s a look at the history of deer hunting and herd management in the state. From “deer widows’ weekends” to “da turty point buck,” the story takes a deep dive into this important autumn activity that’s “Rooted in Tradition” in our beautiful state. Deer hunting is important for other reasons, too – like keeping the herd in check to help minimize car-deer collisions. It takes all groups working together to help protect Wisconsin’s hunting legacy for generations to come.

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