Amanda Stewart and her Red-Tail Hawk named Mack.

The public really missed a great presentation by Amanda Stewart and her Red-Tail Hawk named Mack. I wish more of the public would come to a program like this to see and hear about nature and how these birds of prey work for all of us. I know a lot of us older guys were surprised to hear and see what this Hawk can do in the outdoors.

Every month around Manitowoc County there are sportsmen club meetings with interesting bits of information for everyone to learn. Now is the time to start planning on your garden, tree planting and food plots.

If you would like to attend any of the club meetings, they are open to the public to see if you would like to join them, go to  to find the club and who to contact. Hope to see some of you join as new members and children are always invited. Better than sitting at a computer all day or night playing games of no value. Take Care!

Finally, how many of you have been cleaning your fishing equipment already? I have a table full of parts just waiting for me to tackle. If you are married, I suggest you do the cleaning in the garage, but for us luck guys, kitchen tables work fine. HA HA.

Photo by Dean Halverson