2 Colorado Elk Tags  Available

2 Colorado Elk Tags  Available

High Success Hunt

Elk tags have been the most sought after items on hunters list this year and we have two prime tags available with one of our Colorado outfitters. All the details are listed below. 

We also have an opportunity for you to still hunt the rut on free ranging animals. One of our favorite Texas outfitters has multiple ranches with Free Ranging Axis and Black Buck and we have a few spots still open for the rut, which runs from late June to early July.  You can watch our hunt there from 2020 here and details on the hunt here.

Below you will find great options for Texas Whitetail,  Idaho Black Bear and we have 2 spots remaining for our June Utah Long Range School
You can contact Lindsey Maas direct for full details on these hunts. lindsey@outdoorsolutionscorp.com 918 521 7050

 Greg Ray
Outdoor Solutions



Colorado Elk Hunt 2021

You will be the ONLY 2 elk hunters on the property, along with a few mule deer hunters.

Arrive:    11/12/2021

–Depart:  11/18/2021

This hunt takes place on a 9000 acre private ranch and offers mild terrain, making it one of the easier physical hunts Outdoor Solutions has to offer. 

You can expect to see bulls in the 260 to 300 range, plus our clients have taken larger over the years. (Full details)







Free Range Axis 


If you have not experienced the rut for Axis (end of May, first of June, you should! With the spread out cedars and a high population of Axis on the property, this is a great warm up for hunting elk during the rut in New Mexico. 

(Full Details)

Our Axis Hunt From 2020

British Columbia Moose Hunt

4 Spots Available October 11 to 18 2021

One of our all time favorite outfitters! In anticipation of the Canadian border opening up in July and a client moving to 2022, we have 4 spots open for the 2021 season. 
Dates are October 11 to 18 which is still during the rut. Details here, you can also call our Big Game manager, Lindsey Maas for more details. 918 521 7050


Texas Whitetail

(1 Trophy Buck, 1 Cull Buck and 2 Does)

Not one and done! This hunt offers the opportunity at multiple deer! This hunt takes place on a 16,000 acre private ranch, located near Del Rio, Texas.  This ranch is known for lots of deer and bucks in the 125-145 class, with a few larger bucks taken every year. (Full Details)


38,000 Acres To Hunt Wild Hog

The Outdoor Solutions team has hunted with this outfitter since 2007 and is home to our Texas long range schools. You will not find a more diverse opportunity to hunt hogs in Texas. They offer spot and stalk, traditional tower blinds and safari style! On top of that you have first class accommodations and meals. (Full Details)


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