The Manitowoc Unit – Manitowoc County Fish & Game Protective Association

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From:        The Manitowoc Unit – Manitowoc County

                Fish & Game Protective Association


                                        Subject:     October Unit Meeting to be Held


The Manitowoc Unit WILL hold its October 1st meeting at Lincoln Park, Cabin 1 at 7pm.  The Manitowoc Unit of Manitowoc County Fish & Game has not offered public meetings since March of this year, due to concerns for the safety of its members and the general public that attend its meetings due to the pandemic.   While now available again, social distancing and related protections would limit attendance to approximately 43 people.  The meeting will be held outdoors if weather permits.


The October meeting will be to update the membership on business of the organization and plan for the balance of the year.  There will not be a speaker or program at this meeting.  It was also announced that there will not be lunch or refreshments served and attendees should bring a lawn chair in the event that the outdoor meeting can be held.  Masks will be required for the meeting.


This is an important meeting and future meetings and location will be discussed.  It was also noted that the November and December meetings of the club will be held at the Manitowoc Gun Club, conditions permitting.  This has been the normal process for the club in prior years.  The Manitowoc Unit partners with the Manitowoc Gun Club on a variety of activities.


Manitowoc Fish & Game works to promote and protect the rights of sporting men and women in the county through a variety of projects and education programming.  It is one of 25 clubs that work together in Manitowoc County.  It was noted that directors of the county organization have been working during the pandemic to continue the business and good work of the organizations throughout Manitowoc County.

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