Pheasants Forever Banquet by the Sheboygan & Manitowoc Counties Chapter 590

Well, here it is the day after a great Pheasants Forever Banquet by the Sheboygan & Manitowoc Counties Chapter 590. The banquet was held at Millhome Supper Club in Kiel, WI.  What a bunch of hard working members this chapter has. I also found out that it’s a family affair with all the workers at the banquet. Like most banquets there was plenty of raffles and chances to win prizes. What really caught my eye was the number of youth prizes for the children. Below are some photos of the youth prizes and it was and is very important to get our youth involved in the outdoors. Many of us can remember eating and running outside to play or visit with friends. Today most children won’t know how to talk to their friends unless it was texted or video games.

Chapter 590 has a habitat program that people can get involved in. The Chapter provides technical support as well as financial support to help accomplish your projects. For habitat programs, they can offer monetary assistance of $40 per acre for less than 10 acres, or $75 per acre for projects that are 10 acres or larger. The chapter will offer free seed for corn, soybeans, and sorghum for up to 3 acres.

If you are a land owner that needs assistance or have a neighbor that could benefit, they can provide assistance. Please contact: .

If you are looking to create or improve wildlife habitat on your property, contact your Farm Bill Biologist. In Sheboygan County: Tally Hamilton or 608-742-5361 Ext 7352 and in Manitowoc County: Julie Peterson or 920-733-1575 Ext. 6097.  The Farm Bill Biologist positions are made possible thanks to these proud partners:  Pheasants Forever, Natural Resource Conservation Service and Wis. DNR.

Thank you to the Pheasants Forever for a wonderful banquet and the fun we all had during the banquet. I also want to thank the chapter for the wonderful print I won called Rocky Outpost of wolves on rocks looking over a valley. Thank you!

Rocky Outpost