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NDA’s Impact

NDA’s Initiative

The mission of the National Deer Alliance (NDA) is to serve as the guardian of wild deer conservation (white-tailed deer, mule deer, black-tailed deer, coues deer, and Key deer), and our hunting heritage. Formally incorporated in May 2015, the NDA is driven to assemble and unite a diverse group of stakeholders that includes hunters, managers, and the hunting industry to help create positive outcomes for deer and deer hunting.

A strong board of directors that represents organizations and groups, such as the Mule Deer FoundationQuality Deer Management AssociationWhitetails UnlimitedArchery Trade AssociationNational Shooting Sports FoundationWildlife Management InstituteVista Outdoor, and Bass Pro Shops, leads NDA.

The Need

Deer are the most commonly pursued and economically important game animal in North America. Despite the fact that 83% of the more than 14,000,000 hunters in the United States identified as deer hunters, there was no national organization geared toward protecting the interests of all deer hunters and the deer hunting industry before the formation of NDA. Amazingly, less than 1% of deer hunters belong to a national conservation organization dedicated to the protection of deer and our deer hunting heritage. This is where NDA comes in. The time has come for deer hunters, managers, and the hunting industry to organize and provide a united front to address current and emerging threats to deer hunting and our heritage.

NDA’s Priorities

The National Deer Alliance outlined six key initiatives to guide the organization over the next three years. These initiatives were derived from NDA’s inaugural strategic planning meeting with its board members, outdoor industry professionals, and deer experts held in March 2016.

The key focus areas are:

  • Deer diseases
  • Wild deer conservation
  • Hunter access
  • Marketing, communications, and growth
  • Predators and competitors
  • State and Federal land management

While NDA may become involved in issues outside of these priority areas, it will be critical to remain focused, as issues impacting deer and hunting are wide-ranging, and attempting to address all of them would prove ineffective.

NDA represents the next generation of conservation organizations, where organizations rely heavily on digital and social media tools to accomplish desired outcomes. We will keep our members informed on key deer issues in North America through a weekly e-newsletter, real-time through social media, as well as through the many resources found on the NDA website.

Take Action

If you want to be a part of the movement to ensure the future of deer and deer hunting, then sign up today for a no-cost membership and instantly become part of NDA’s outreach network. Simply put, we want every deer hunter in North America to become an advocate for deer and hunting through participation in NDA.

In addition to receiving the latest information from the deer world, you will also be notified when the opportunity to participate on issues that directly impact you arises. NDA will give you an informative edge so you can engage with and have a positive impact on the outcome of deer and deer hunting.