Wisconsin and Illinois S3DA Host Dual Indoor Regional

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Wisconsin and Illinois S3DA Host Dual Indoor Regional

Williamsburg, KY – S3DA club Kenosha Bowmen in Wisconsin hosted an Indoor Cross-Border Regional with Illinois. With winter weather coming in the night before there were concerns about attendance, but the archers were resilient, and they filled the building. Eighty-eight archers from 10 clubs and 2 teams participated in this event. Nearly 400 spectators filled the clubhouse throughout the day to watch their archers put their hard-practiced skills to the test. Each of the three shooting line times brought a new group of competitors and fans alike.

Kenosha Bowmen S3DA Head Coach Jason Kirby stated, “This is our second year as a club participating in S3DA. This is our first year operating 2 teams from different states under our umbrella. Our unique geographical location gives us an incredible opportunity to serve kids in Wisconsin and Illinois. Participation continues to grow!”

During the competition, there was an archer who experienced an equipment malfunction with a sight. As she stepped off the line and made her way to the equipment room, four coaches from at least three different teams worked seamlessly together to get the fiber optic repaired for her to be able to continue to compete. The round that she missed shooting was made up at the end of the line time. All archers in attendance at the time remained quietly seated and two of her teammates stood on the line with her to assure she did not incur the additional stress of being alone on the line.

Illinois Regional Coordinator, Dave Williams said, “We are pleased with the growth we have been experiencing in the Chicago area. All the archers are looking forward to this season. Our coaches and parents were very pleased with the number of shooters who came out to attend this event with the snowy weather conditions. It was a great day for all and standing room only for 3 o’clock line spectators.”

“Yesterday, I stopped by the S3DA event to see how it was going. As I drove in the parking lot, I was surprised to see it full. Inside, there were people shoulder to shoulder watching the shooters. The discipline and excitement of the shooters was impressive. It was clear to me that there was a tremendous effort put into this shoot and it made for an all-around wonderful day,” stated longtime Kenosha Bowmen President, Steve Kenesie.

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