URGENT – U.S. House to Consider Gun Control, Please contact your Legislators



URGENT – U.S. House to Consider Gun Control

Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to rush two gun control bills to the House floor as early as next week. These are the same two bills passed by the House two years ago, but were never voted on by the senate. This time, however, anti-gun Chuck Schumer is the Senate Majority Leader. He has promised to pass gun control through the senate.

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Speaker Pelosi and her anti-gun allies plan to completely bypass the normal committee hearings process because they know these gun control bills are deeply flawed. Pelosi and House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NYC) don’t want our allies in the House to have the chance at a committee hearing to expose the flaws and demonstrate how the bills will not make Americans safer and just burden our industry and infringe on the Second Amendment. Now we need your help so we can make sure firearm industry supporters in Congress hear from us and understand the impact these and future Pelosi proposals will have on our industry. Please contribute today to help RELOAD the NSSF PAC.

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