The September meeting of the Manitowoc Gun Club Minutes

The September meeting of the Manitowoc Gun Club was held at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, October 1st.


  • FALL LEAGUE:  Thursday, September 5th – October 17th.
  • TROPHY NIGHT: Tuesday, October 22nd.
  • VINTAGE GUN SHOOT:  Thursday, October 31st.
  • MGC BANQUET:  Saturday, November 2nd.
  • ELECTIONS:  Tuesday, November 5th

ELECTIONS:  Nominations were cast for the board of directors at the October meeting.  Elections will be held at the November meeting.  These are the nominations for the positions.

President – Brian Schulz
Vice President – Mike Wicks
Secretary – Sarah Fischer
Treasurer – Gary Hanson
Bar Director – Rod Smith
Grounds Director – Wally Norkosky
Social Director – Peggy Schulz
Trap Director – Ron Wiesner
Skeet Director – Lee Fischer
Youth Director – Scott Skattebo
Public Relations – Tom Schulz

We are also looking for a Youth Director Apprentice to help run the youth program.  If you would like to find out more about the position, or put in for it, please see Brian Schulz or Scott Skattebo.

BUILDING UPDATE:  One contractor has been out so far to look at the building project.  We are still waiting on the other two.

BANQUET COMMITTEE:  Banquet is coming up in a few weeks.  Letters have been mailed out, and door prizes have started to get organized.  Donations for the banquet are greatly appreciated.  If you would like to make donations to the booze raffle, or donate prizes, please see Brian Schulz.  Cash donations can go to Gary Hanson.  Banquet help is as follows.
7:00 – Meet at Fork & Knife for breakfast
Phil Herrmann will get the truck from Hartman’s
8:00 – Meet at Wolff Insurance to load up prizes
Booze Raffle – George, Charlie, Leigh, Bill, and John
TV Raffle – Rod & ______________
Split the Pot – Steve & Elaine
Penny Raffles – Angie, Brianna, Sarah, and Chris
Rifle Raffle – Ron & George
Shotgun Raffle – Mark & Tom
Youth Raffle – Scott & Youth team
Bucket Raffle – Jake & Jordan
Bonus – Lee & Wally
Early Bird – Brian
Clay Buster – Peggy & Judy (Tom floater)
Raffle for a Raffle – Joe & ____________
Dinner – Nick, Jim, and Stan
Gun Walker – Chris & Fred
Floaters – Nick & Tom

Additional help would be appreciated.  As you can see, there are two empty positions.

TROPHY NIGHT:  Trophy night will be Tuesday, October 22nd at MGC.  Cocktails at 5:00 with food at 6:00.  Discussion of trophies awarded came up.  If we award the same trophies as we have in the past, the club will lose $98.  Do we cut back on trophies?  Do we raise entry fee?  It was agreed to keep it as is, and discuss at the annual meeting.  A sign up sheet for trophy night will be put up.

FALL LEAGUE:  Fall league will be held Thursday, September 5th – Thursday, October 17th.  It will consist of (50) 16 yard, (50) Handicap, (50) 18 yard wobble, (50) Skeet, and (100) doubles (skeet or trap)  You can throw out your worst 50 target event score.

VINTAGE GUN SHOOT:  Vintage gun shoot will be Thursday, October 31st.

-Manitowoc City Fish & Game donated $500 to our banquet.  Thank you to them, and all donations to the banquet.

-Burbee is busy after the first of the year.  The audit committee will look for a different accountant.

-Holding tank was just pumped again for the first time since spring.  The men’s toilet was running last Thursday.  The guts have been replaced a few times.  We will look to see if there are better guts for it.

-Steak fry had 31 people attend.

-Marathon shoot had 5,000-6,000 targets thrown.  Thanks to everyone that helped!

-Shoot for Vets had 53 shooters, and brought in $551.90 to go back to the Vets.  A motion was made to round up to an even $600.  There was also an additional $181 brought in from raffles.  Thanks to all that helped!

-It was agreed on by membership that we will replace the culvert at the entrance of the driveway with a plastic culvert at the price of $2,503.  It will be 40′ instead of 30′ for a wider approach.

-Lakeshore Challenge posters are up.  We will be hosting the shoot on January 26th, and March 22nd.

-NSSA Membership was renewed by Sarah Fischer for 2020.

-Petty cash will now be handled out of the change bag in the safe instead of the bar till.  Otherwise, Gary Hanson can write a check.

Remember you can rent the clubhouse for private parties.  The cost is $100, but if you clean up the clubhouse afterwards, then $50 will be refunded.  See the bar director Rod Smith to make reservations.

The next meeting will be at 7:00pm on Tuesday, November 5th at the clubhouse.

Thank You,

Nick Sieracki
Club Vice President