Tactacam Awarded For Breakthrough Innovation

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Tactacam Awarded For Breakthrough Innovation

Caledonia, MN – Tactacam has set the standard when it comes to high-definition, live-action recording in the outdoors. It’s no surprise at this year’s Archery Trade Association show they were awarded with the only Gold Level award for Breakthrough Innovation while Mathews Archery took home the silver.

“We’d like to thank The Archery Trade Association. We’re honored that the dealers and our customers see the value in our products,” says Ben Stern, Owner and Founder of Tactacam.

Tactacam claimed the Gold Award for their Tactacam System that includes a Stabilizer Mounted Camera, Rear-Facing Camera, and FTS. This award comes from the Featured Products Showcase. Exhibitors display their product/s to increase their exposure and promote sales. The category for Breakthrough Innovation is new for 2020. Entries were categorized and marked on the first day of the ATA Show, allowing buyers to vote for their favorite product for each category. For more information, visit The Archery Trade Association.

About Tactacam

Tactacam’s innovative camera systems are the complete package for recording your most epic hunts and catches. Users can enjoy 4k resolution, high power magnification with resolution and picture quality, as well as standard features such as Wi-fi, APP viewing options, remote control activation, and insane battery life regardless of conditions. Tactacam provides endless mounting options that allow your camera to go wherever you need them for the perfect shot.

About The Archery Trade Association Trade Show

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