Sport Fishing Report for March 30, 2021


  • Two Rivers/Shoto:  Fishing conditions were a bit more difficult this week due to increased water levels and water clarity compared to the week before. In the West Twin river at Shoto dam a few rainbow trout were caught using spawn. While in the East Twin river near the Mishicot dam several rainbow trout were caught using spawn and jigs.  Additionally, a few northern pike were caught in the East Twin river using jigs as well.
  • Manitowoc/Branch:  Anglers reported catching trout and smallmouth bass mostly this week. In the Manitowoc river several smallmouth bass were caught at Henry Schuette park using green tubes. Additionally, a catfish was reported being caught near the Maritime Museum using salmon spawn. At the Manitowoc ramp several brown trout and one rainbow trout were caught using spoons of varying color. At Silver creek two rainbow trout were caught using spawn. Lastly, at the Branch river one rainbow trout was caught using an orange/pink fly near Village Drive.


  • Stoney Creek had the highest fishing pressure throughout the week. Anglers were fishing along the shore of Stoney Creek as well as in the creek all the way upstream past County Rd S. The anglers that reported catching steelhead had success floating spawn sacs or orange colored beads. The fishing pressure on the Ahnapee River was low compared to the previous week. There were a few steelhead reportedly caught at Olson Park early in the week on spawn sacs.  Anglers netting for suckers off the Washington Rd bridge had good success.  Anglers netting for suckers also reported some accidental catches of northern pike. There were anglers trolling along the shoreline for browns this week while on creel, however, I was unable to get any interviews from boaters.
  • The Kewaunee River also had a lower fishing pressure on it, as the water levels continued to drop. The few anglers that had success reported catching steelhead using spawn sacs. The most productive spot was below the bridge in Footbridge this week. Many anglers reported having good success fishing at Bruemmers Park for steelhead using various styles of flies. Anglers netting for suckers also had good catches with upwards of 15 fish in a couple of hours of netting. Two anglers were interviewed that were trolling for brown trout on the lake. Both anglers were targeting 10-20 feet of water using various crankbaits. The water temperature ranged from 42 to 44 degrees depending on where the anglers were. As the week progressed there were anglers that started to fish for smelt on the piers, however, no interviews were conducted due to them just starting to fish when creel routes are done.


  • Ice has finally disappeared, for the most part, throughout the county and anglers are taking advantage of the near shore fishing right after ice out. Anglers fishing from shore at the various yacht clubs throughout Sturgeon Bay have reported catching northern pike using swim baits or jerk baits. Shore anglers fishing in Egg Harbor reported good catches of brown trout casting various types of spoons and crankbaits. Anglers fishing the bay from boats have reported good catches of brown trout as well. Anglers are trolling for brown trout from the Stone Quarry Ramp all the way up to Egg Harbor. Anglers that had success targeted 10-20 feet of water using various crankbaits. There wasn’t a color pattern or style of crankbaits that produced more fish. One of the groups interviewed managed to catch 8 brown trout near the stone quarry with their largest fish weighing in at 16.5lbs. The water temps on the bay range from 36 to 39 degrees depending on location. Some anglers targeting brown trout on Lake Michigan out of Sturgeon Bay are having success as well.  Many anglers are targeting 8-15 feet of water using crankbaits. The water temp on the lake was reported to be 39 degrees. There were no interviews from anglers fishing from Bailey’s Harbor North this week.


  • The Fox River from the De Pere Dam to the mouth is active with walleye anglers. Two walleye tournaments happened over the weekend of March 28-29. The weather was not ideal, but the effort was there. Of the anglers interviewed this week, 0 to 45 walleye were caught per boat and all were released. Most of these walleye were male and caught with minnows. Other reported fish caught were 1 channel catfish, 1 muskellunge and 1 lake whitefish. These, too, were released. Trailer counts were 134 the 22nd, 59 the 24th, 65 the 27th, and 126 the 28th.


  • Peshtigo River: All three launches were free of ice this week. Most activity was seen at the city launch and by the dam. Walleye were being caught below the dam by shore anglers casting rapalas. A few walleyes were being caught by boat anglers jigging around the 41 bridge up to the railroad bridge. Numbers of walleyes caught were fairly low, with anglers anticipating a push of fish with warmer weather. The most productive spot overall this week was in the bay out from the river mouth. The early morning bite was good using rip ‘n raps and jigs with various plastics. Water temps were in the mid to upper 30’s in the river and bay this week.
  • Menominee River: All boat launches on the river are now free of ice and have docks in. Success for walleyes picked up this week from shore and from boats. Shore anglers were having luck off Stephenson Island upstream to the dam. Rapalas and blade baits were the most popular lures used. Boat anglers were having good luck vertical jigging with minnows anywhere from Marinette Marine down to the mouth. A few walleyes were also being caught trolling three-way rigs with stick baits towards the mouth of the river. Wind was an issue for those wanting to fish the bay. Those who were able to get out in the bay were having good luck catching brown trout south of the piers. Many sizes of browns were caught ranging 2 to 16 pounds. Trolling stick baits and small crankbaits were both catching fish. Water temps were in the mid to upper 30’s.
  • Red Arrow:  No activity seen this week.
  • Little River:  Windy conditions kept usage low this week.


  • Oconto Park II: No activity this week with ice still present in the launch area.
  • Pensaukee: The launch was free of ice by the weekend. No activity seen this week.
  • Oconto River: Heavy fishing pressure was seen this week with most chasing walleyes in the bay. Anglers were fishing just north of the mouth of the river and along the shoreline heading north. Best action was occurring in areas of warmer water in depths of 5 to 10 feet. Rip ‘n raps and jigging plastics were working best. Early morning seemed to produce the best bite. A few whitefish were also being caught while fishing for walleyes. Shore fishing was starting to pick up this week, with a few walleyes caught over the weekend below Stiles dam. Anglers were scattered around the river from the dam downstream to the 41 bridge. Casting rapalas or small crankbaits were the most popular methods used. Water temps were in the mid to upper 30’s.


  • Duck Creek north to Geano Beach still has zero to little activity. Water and launches are open at each location, with the exception of Geano Beach. Geano Beach still has some ice at the launch and in the Bay. I observed a boat in the Bay off one of the Longtail Point locations so boats are starting to explore the water north of the Fox River mouth.

This is the report from 3/10 and 3/11 for the East Shore Creel. Steady Rains on 3/10 and heavy winds on 3/11 combined with the warmer temperatures over the last week has taken its toll on the East Shore ice. Lots of cracks have opened up and random soft spots and open water holes have formed. Heavy Winds on 3/11 caused a lot of ice to be moved around and ice shoves to form as well.


  • Potawatomi Park:  A few anglers ventured out in the afternoon. No reports taken. Some larger holes have formed right at the launch, and along the shore line.
  • Idlewood:  Large hole opened up at the landing with lots of standing water on top of the soft ice.
  • Oak Avenue:  Guides were busy getting the rest of their permanent shacks off the ice. A few guided trips out to the reef had some success catching whitefish, with an average of 2 or 3 fish per angler for a couple hours effort.
  • Bullhead Point:  One pop-up shack was fishing off Bullhead point with little success catching anything.


  • All access points (Rites Cove, Volks Landing, Bayshore Park,  Dyckesville, Sugar Creek, Red River, Chaudoirs) had some cracks and holes forming and open water near shore. Further out there is some ice shoves forming in the high winds. No anglers were seen in any location. Dyckesville accesses are all closed for the season with the near shore springs opening the ice.