Request for Your Help from the DNR to all Citizens

This was a note sent to Larry Bonde, Chairman of the Wis. Conservation Congress and he wants to public to help.

Hello Congress members:


We are attempting to a better handle on the distribution of albino and white deer in Wisconsin.  You can help by sharing our intentions to do so with anyone you know who has seen an albino or white deer since January 1, and throughout the rest of the year.  Please ask them to go to the DNR web site and report it using our Large Mammal Observation Report form at  This is the same on-line form that we have used for cougars, moose, and other less-commonly sighted large mammals, and we’ve added white deer.


This opportunity will continue indefinitely, and we will annual produce a statewide summary of reports.  Thanks in advance for helping us expand our statewide knowledge!






Kevin Wallenfang
Big Game Ecologist, Bureau of Wildlife Management
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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