Remington’s 700 CP: 2,400 FPS Outta A Chassis Gun w/ a 12.5-Inch Barrel

Remington’s 700 CP: 2,400 FPS Outta A Chassis Gun w/ a 12.5-Inch Barrel – SHOT Show 2020

Super long-range capability in a small package!

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Chassis-based rifle systems have become all the rage for precision shooting. Well, Remington took that one step further, or perhaps that is one step shorter, with the Remington 700 Chassis Pistol (CP).

Legendary components make a solid overall package.

This new contender is a standard 700 short action mounted in a mini chassis with a 12.5” barrel and a stabilizing brace rather than a stock; resulting in what is legally considered a “pistol.” The 700 CP is available in .300 ACC Blackout, .308 Win, and 6.5 Creedmoor.

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Remington sources at SHOT Show 2020 indicated that velocities in the 2,400 fps range were possible even with the 12.5” barrel, making this a solid option for hunting. The barrel is threaded to support adding a muzzle brake or a suppressor.

Handguard length will support suppressor mounting.

The chassis forend has the popular MLOK mounting slots covering its relatively short length. However, this would still support mounting a bipod or laser as needed.

The chassis takes AICS-type magazines and, of course, the handy little blaster takes all the popular Remington-style triggers. The factory trigger is adjustable and set at ~3.5 lbs out of the box.

Adjustable trigger and enlarged bolt knob are added values.

The SB Tactical adjustable pistol brace is mounted on a standard AR buffer tube connected to the chassis. This arrangement means that one can also purchase a folding brace to create an even smaller package during transport.

The top of the 700 SA receiver is appropriately dressed with a Picatinny rail for mounting the needed optics. All in all, this is a very handy and portable firearm that will be right at home almost anywhere, be it a tree stand or a close-quarters shoot house.


  • Remington Chassis and M-LOK Handguard
  • Threaded muzzle and protector
  • X Mark Pro adjustable trigger
  • Magpul MIAD pistol grip
  • Full Picatinny rail for optic mounting
  • 10 round mag
  • Rear single point QD sling adaptor
  • Large mag release latch
Pistol brace is adjustable for length and begging for a folding adapter

MSRP is set at $1,169, with an expected street price around $1,000. With the adjustable pistol brace and the low recoiling .300 ACC Blackout cartridge this would be a great firearm for a youth’s first hunt.

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