Dear GLC friends,The rusty patched bumble bee (photo above) is a species of bumble bee native to eastern North America. Its workers and males have a small rust-colored patch on the middle of their second abdominal segment. This bee was once commonly distributed throughout the east and upper Midwest of the United States, but has declined from an estimated 87% of its historic range in recent years. The rusty-patched bumble bee was once an excellent pollinator of wildflowers, cranberries, and other important crops, including plum, apple, alfalfa and onion seed.In 2017, this bee became Federally protected under the US Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and is now an endangered species.These beautiful endangered species have been found living on a GLC owned Preserve and at least one Conservation Easement property! It’s the best testament to landowner and GLC dedication to protecting and preserving our natural resources and creating the habitat that wildlife needs to thrive for generations to come to enjoy.In August, we have not ONE but TWO events that YOU, your friends and family may be able to spot one of these precious bees while learning about pollinators from volunteer experts and Jay Watson from the DNR. These events are on private GLC Conservation Easements so don’t miss out to get outside on some of our most amazing CE lands with us! One is in Sheboygan County and one in Fond du Lac County and directions will be given once registration is final.Please sign up at before the spots fill up! 

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See you on the trails! Jennifer Born RuttenExecutive Director   

GLC New Events!
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Work Day Volunteer OpportunitiesWe have lots of great ways for you to get out on our lands to help!Visit the website for more information: EventsWe have some spectacular events and our 2022 LAND TRUST DAYS events are included! These events are part of a state wide movement to get people out onto Land Trust lands that are not always open to the public so please sign up today- spaces are limited!Visit the website for more information:

New addition to the Junior Naturalist Starter Backpack is here- just in time for summer and your curious youth!

Wetland Pack Addition  $75

We are now selling our Wetlands Pack as an addition to our Junior Naturalist Backpack.  For $75, you will get a collapsible bucket, a telescopic fishing net, a mini terrarium, two magnifying cubes, and the book “Pond Life.” These are wonderful for exploring wetland areas and identifying the various water bugs, frogs, and turtles who call these places home.  Your dollars from these packs will be going towards GLC’s mission of preserving land and water resources for future generations. Put your mud boots on, find some frogs, and make some great memories!  Go to GLC’s website to purchase online or contact GLC at sophia@glaciallakes.org

GLC is in need of a DONATED USED/or NEW UTV vehicle! If you have one or know of one… or about to get rid of one and upgrade please contact me! jennifer@glaciallakes.orgGLC owned properties are quite large and as we better perform land management practices on these lands to protect and preserve them we need equipment. Thank you!