From the Newsletter of Rep. Shae Sortwell, Our State Legislator Who Believes In the 2nd Amendment

Governor Evers’ Special Session for Gun Control

I have talked about this issue several times already, but because it is so important, I want to make another note here.

Governor Evers’ proposal to create a so-called “red flag” law is a no-go with me. Over the last week or so, my office has received more contacts from constituents in opposition of this draconian, unconstitutional proposal than all other topics combined.

I cannot, and will not, support any proposal that attacks the Bill of Rights and the very foundation of our American system and our liberty.

I’m not alone. Many of my colleagues, and myself, have heard from County Sheriffs that they oppose ‘red flag.’ Thankfully, these Sheriffs are as committed to upholding their oath to defend the Constitution as I am. That is an oath that does not have an expiration date.

I’d like you to read my op-ed to understand why Americans must fight vigilantly to protect the liberties that have been over 800 years in the making, since the days of Magna Carta. We, the People, have the right to bear arms, we have the right to face our accusers, we have the right to trial by jury, and we have the right to be secure in our persons and our property. Period.

Please take a few minutes to read why here: Why ‘Red Flag’ Laws Are More Dangerous Thank You Think