Manitowoc County

  • According to anglers the water levels and flows at Shoto are high, though no creel routes were scheduled there in the past week so we are unable to confirm these reports.

Door County

  • We received a report of high fishing pressure at Heins Creek, though no creel routes were ran in Door County this week to confirm that report.

Kewaunee County

  • Anglers fishing the Kewaunee River had mixed results. Earlier in the week there were reports of decent fish being caught. However, as the weekend came to an end it slowed down. On average anglers came away with one steelhead if they were lucky. Spawn was the ideal ticket to catching fish. Suckers are starting to stack up now in the river. Anglers fishing for steelhead are catching upwards of 10 suckers on accident. There were no anglers fishing on the pier. I talked to one boater who went out of Kewaunee for browns and ended up catching one brown trout. Stoney Creek received the most fishing pressure throughout the week. The majority of the fish caught out of Stoney Creek was by the mouth of the creek. Fish were being caught on beads and spawn. The Ahnapee River had the least amount of fishing pressure while I was on creel and the number of fish caught was the lowest as well. The few fish that were caught were by the Forstiville Dam, below the fish refuge. All the flows are ideal for the rivers in Kewaunee Co right now.

Fox River and Green Bay Creel Report: April 15, 2019

Fox River

  • This week has been slow for anglers on the Fox River. The slowdown of the bite can be contributed to the cool temperatures and the wind. The walleyes that were being caught were mainly between 15 inches and 25 inches in length. Both jigging and casting were catching walleyes. At Voyageur Park shore fishing pressure was medium this week with most people casting lures.

Oconto County

  • Geano Beach: The channel where the boat launch is located is still unavailable due to the ice that is still in it. On Sunday April 14th, it was starting to open up, but the bay is open.
  • Oconto River: Upstream towards Stiles dam on the Oconto River had heavy fishing pressure this week for walleyes with anglers seen from the Hwy. J bridge upstream to the dam. Highest concentration of fishing effort was from the dam to Hwy. 141 bridge. Most anglers were reporting catching a few fish with more being foul hooked. Most fish caught were smaller males with the larger fish being present but not hitting lures. Several larger walleyes were reported foul hooked and released.
  • Oconto Parks: Heavy fishing pressure this week at the mouth of the Oconto River and in the bay. Anglers were travelling along the shoreline towards Oconto Park II when ice was not present. Reports of good catches of walleyes in the bay from earlier in the week were common with slower fishing on the weekend. Anglers casting jig and plastics and rippin raps were catching fish. Some large walleyes were caught and released by several anglers as most fish kept were smaller males. As of Sunday April 14th, the launch at Oconto Park II was still unusable because of ice

Brown County

  • Duck Creek, Longtail Point, Suamico River: The fishing pressure was very low. The bite was slow to nothing. The slow bite is probably contributed to the cold-water temperature.

Marinette County

  • Peshtigo River: Peshtigo River also saw heavy fishing pressure this week. Slow fishing was reported at the mouth of the Peshtigo as ice had limited access to the bay. Reports from upstream by the Municipal City launch were good. Boat anglers reported catching good numbers of walleyes early in the week. Good fishing continued on the weekend but a little slower. Anglers were using jig and minnows and jig and plastic combinations with success. Shore anglers by the dam in Peshtigo were getting fish also but many fish were fouled hook. Catch rate of 50% foul hooked versus caught was commonly reported.
  • Menominee River: Heavy fishing pressure on the Menominee this week with anglers targeting walleyes. Boat anglers had mixed results with some good catches reported earlier in the week while others struggled to catch fish. Popular spots were the turnbasin off 6th Street boat launch and the mouth of the river. Shore anglers were finding a few fish during daylight hours, but it was reported that fishing was better at night. Clown colored rapalas were popular among the shore anglers. Some anglers were fishing the piers at the mouth of the Menominee, but no reports of success. As of Sat. April 13th all launches on the river except for the 6th Street boat launch are open, however docks were not in yet at the lighthouse launch and Menekaunee Harbor. Little River and Red Arrow launches still had ice.