Deer Really Crave Big&J’s® DEER DIG IT™

Deer Really Crave Big&J’s® DEER DIG IT™
For spring and summer scouting with your cameras in areas you don’t want to visit often, this long-lasting attractant will keep ’em coming back for more.
Grand Island, NB (April 1, 2020) Serious whitetail hunters know the time to start scouting for fall success is right now. What better way than to use a product that will draw deer in front of your cameras like a magnet, and to also help establish new travel patterns past your stand locations. That’s where Big & J’s DEER DIG IT makes a world of difference.

DEER DIG IT is a long-range mineral attractant that draws deer in and keeps them coming back. Once water hits the product, it releases a strong aroma that deer can smell a long way off. It’s perfect for using during spring and summer (and in some areas, early fall) to establish areas where deer will return. When used in conjunction with trail cameras, it helps you scout your property without having to frequent areas best left untraveled. You can use it effectively along both established game trails, as well in locations where you want to see increased deer activity.
DEER DIG IT is a great source of sodium, which deer need for cellular function and amino acid (building blocks of protein) transport. Also, deer have a healthy appetite for sodium, meaning they will consume it even if the body does not need it. It also features Big & J’s bio-available mineral pack containing trace minerals, such as zinc, manganese, and copper, which have higher absorption rates when compared to traditional sulfate mineral sources. In other words, it gets where the body

needs it instead of being excreted by the animal and wasted.

DEER DIG IT comes in both liquid and granular form and is made in the USA. Pour the liquid onto the ground, where it will solidify. The granular form is also poured onto the ground, preferably in a small depression where water will activate it quickly. It’s recommended you only refresh the product every 2-4 weeks. And don’t be surprised if you find that deer dig into the ground looking for more! Deer crave it, and therefore, they will dig for it!
Both the one-gallon jug of liquid and 4.5 lb. bag of granular carries a MSRP of $9.99. For more information, visit
Big&J makes deer attractants and nutritional supplements to help produce a strong and healthy herd, with vital minerals and nutrients at double the concentration of other protein-based supplements. No artificial flavors or colors are used, and the products can be mixed with food in feeders, or in a direct ground application. Before using any deer attractant or feed, check and follow all local laws and regulations that apply.
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