Cuddeback Renews Sponsorship with QUWF

Friday, February 14, 2020

Cuddeback Renews Sponsorship with QUWF

Buffalo, MO- The use of game cameras is a fact of life today, almost mandatory to properly know their favorite hunting terrain for most hunters and research biologists, law enforcement or with landowners/hunters. “Revealing what is really happening on the land is critical to manage the land and its inhabitants” emphasizes Craig alderman of QUWF. “Cuddeback with their sponsorship of QUWF has helped us catch large scale poachers, change habitat practices and learn how some habitat practices change movement patterns of wildlife from hawks, owls, squirrels and coyotes to deer, turkey and rabbits. Pictures, as the old adage states, are worth a thousand words. Pictures have broken the old theories that wildlife are afraid of cameras or locating them in sensitive areas somehow negatively affects them. What we are finding is the exact opposite is true. From mountain lions, bear, mountain rams, deer elk to quail, grouse, chukar, they all are curious, yes, and show a natural amusing side of their character proven with pictures but not in any negative way” Craig observes, “through our research with Cuddeback equipment we have thousands of pictures along with agencies of various states we have worked with providing critical data that do affect management change”.

“We are looking at employing Cuddeback for large predator impact in the west where people cannot get there fast enough to judge the incident” state Nick Prough Chief wildlife Biologist of QUWF. “It will help landowners immensely to get the right information fast” Prough observes.

“QUWF provides great input on our systems from in the field use. As a sponsor working with QUWF, we make an immediate difference helping the wildlife habitat managers, law enforcement folks, and landowners / hunters. At Cuddeback we take pride in being on the leading edge of new technology and performance for all our products as it rapidly advances.” States Jared Peterson of Cuddeback.

Jared emphasizes “We are constantly trying to improve the CuddeLink network. In 2020 we are excited to announce the release of our Generation 2 CuddeLink Firmware. This firmware upgrade will be available for all CuddeLink users and past purchasers of the products, including new purchasers. The firmware will offer several exciting new features to customers such as remote access to their CuddeLink Cell network and will allow our users to increase the size of their networks from 16 to 24 devices. As the word continues to spread on CuddeLink, we understand the importance of educating users on different setup variations like terrain and battery options to help create a positive experience with CuddeLink”.

About QUWF:

The Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation (QUWF), is the only Veteran founded and managed national conservation organization in the U.S., and the only multi-specie and clean stream national organization including youth fishing teams, based in Missouri. QUWF turns-the-dirt locally and nationally with chapters that manage and control their own funds. To join QUWF, get involved or open a chapter locally for upland wildlife and habitat restoration/ clean streams or the new youth fishing teams, visit our web site at or email

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