The most significant conservation legislation of the year has passed the House and now heads to the Senate for consideration. H.R. 803, the Protecting America’s Wilderness and Public Lands Act, would designate 1.49 million acres of public lands as wilderness, keep 1.3 million acres intact and incorporate more than 1000 miles of river in the National Wild and Scenic Rivers system. For hunters, anglers and backcountry enthusiasts across the country, this legislative package is a rare opportunity to permanently protect key lands and waters for future generations. Take action now. Thank your House of Representative members who voted for H.R. 803, and tell your senators to support the Protecting America’s Wilderness and Public Lands Act!

H.R. 803 includes the following bills:

  • Grand Canyon Protection Act
  • San Gabriel Mountains Foothills and Rivers Protection Act
  • Northwest California Wilderness, Recreation and Working Forests Act
  • Central Coast Heritage Protection Act
  • Rim of the Valley Corridor Preservation Act
  • Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy Act
  • Colorado Wilderness Act
  • Wild Olympics Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers Act
  • Southwestern Oregon Watershed and Salmon Protection Act

If you value the treasured landscapes and wildlife protected by these bills, contact your senators today to make sure this legislative package advances to the president’s desk!


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