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Training with Maryland Junior Shannon Moriarty

A year and a half after her first ever highpower match, Shannon Moriarty of Maryland has made significant strides in her scores, experiences and level of competition. At only 11 years old, she is an inspiration for young marksmen. Shannon has gathered success from a combination of natural talent and hard work through dry-fire training and now cross-training with air rifle.

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New Winchester Air Rifles Model 12 Pump BB Gun Just Like Dad’s Duck Gun

Winchester Air Rifles is proud to bring to market the perfect pump BB gun that’s just like the one Dad totes to the duck blind. The new Model 12 Pump BB Gun is a wonderful tool for teaching gun safety and marksmanship to youth shooters, and youth love it because it’s got that cool pump action.

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Two New SWARMS Perfect for Plinking and Small-Game Hunting

GAMO Precision Airguns introduced two new gas-piston-powered, 10-shot autoloading air rifles during 2020 – the super-fast Swarm Magnum and the original Swarm Maxxim – each in Generation 2 of the industry changing Swarm technology. Gamo’s Swarm Technology revolutionized the air rifle industry by using a 10-shot magazine – just break the barrel and shoot. No more fumbling around for another pellet to reload those tired single-shot air rifles. Load 10 pellets into the magazine, snap it in place and shoot. The pellet is automatically fed into the barrel when you break the barrel between shots.

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New BSA Optics Defiant4 Scope Series Packed with Top-Quality Features

BSA Optics’ new Defiant4 Scope Series provide top-quality performance at a price that won’t empty your bank account. This new series features a unique combination of features normally found in top-dollar scopes, including a push/pull/lockable turret system that keeps your zero shot-after-shot without tools and a flexibleMOA1014BDC reticle. There are three scopes in the Defiant4 Series.

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The new ESC Air Cup season is on start!

It’s time to start preparing for the firth season of European Shooting Confederation Air Cup.
As before the competition goes on over five months. The competition will start in November 2020. This season the ESC Technical Committee is planning a Super Final, arranged over the live Internet with finalists on their home ranges in the autumn of 2021.

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CMP’s Third Annual 5K & 1K Fun Run at Talladega Marksmanship Park Set to be Held in September

Despite most area races cancelling for the year, the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) is thrilled to announce the continuation of its annual CMP 5K Range Run & 1K Fun Run as planned on Sept. 19, 2020, at the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park.

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Airgun Master’s Thermal Hog Hunt on The High Road with Keith Warren



Today on “The High Road with Keith Warren”, Keith and Matti Tackett are at it again! They are down in South Texas at Cantina Ranch to exterminate feral hogs. With them is the all-time “airgun master”, Tyler Patner! Matti and Tyler will be using .50 cal air rifles, more specifically known as the Dragon Claw made by Seneca. Watch just how effective airguns can be when combined with the technology of Pulsar Thermal Rifle scopes!

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Hog hunting with an airgun

A couple of weeks ago a good buddy of mine Bill Olson who is the publisher for Texas Outdoors Journal lined us up an airgun hunt with Adventures Missions Recreation Properties on one of their ranches in Menard, Texas. I was going to use the new Umarex .50-caliber Hammer on axis deer and then switch to the Umarex Air Saber and hog hunt.