2020/2021 Waterfowl and Sandhill Crane Seasons by Outdoor Solutions, Check these guys out !

2020/21 Waterfowl and Sandhill Crane Season


Did you miss out on your Canadian waterfowl hunt this year, due to Covid? If you are like us, you are ready to get outdoors and do something.  The OS team has several waterfowl hunts available, including a Texas, waterfowl and Sandhill Crane combo that also includes cooking instruction from our own Chef Wutsch!
Below are full details on these hunts and several other hunts we have openings for.

 Greg Ray
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Waterfowl and Sandhill Crane From Field To Table Event

You have not experienced a waterfowl hunt like this before. Not only do you get to experience some of the best waterfowl hunting Texas has to offer but you also have the opportunity to hunt the prehistoric looking Sandhill Crane. Watching these giant birds drop down into a spread of decoys is something you will not soon forget.
Goose Hunts take place over peanut, maize, playas and wheat fields within easy reach of Haskell. Our ability to hunt the fields the birds are using is why hunting is consistent even to the end of the season. Upon arriving, the guides and party will set out a spread of full body decoys, floaters or silhouettes.

On the last day guest will spend time in the kitchen with Chef Wutsch and learn how to properly cook waterfowl and sandhill crane. 

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Oklahoma Waterfowl

Waterfowl hunting is these guys passion, in fact we can’t get them to shut up about it! Our outfitter actually hunts Alberta and Montana but Oklahoma is what they are always bragging about.

With hard scouting and prime locations, they will put you in some of the best decoying action you have ever seen. During your hunt you will have the opportunity for Canada’s, Snows,Ross, Blues, Specs and all kinds of ducks! If you want to experience waterfowl hunting like what Canada has to offer, without all the travel and expense, you need to check them out!

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Montana Sleeper State For Waterfowl

Outdoor Solutions hit a home run when we added this outfitter to our lineup. Our feedback from clients have all been 5 star and all have either gone back or said that they would. This goose hunt has been very popular, especially since Montana is one of the best kept waterfowl secrets in North America.
With a daily limit of 5 dark geese and 7 ducks per hunter, you will see plenty of action.  Hunters can expect to hunt from layout blinds in agriculture fields and close to dry river/creek beds. Our hunters in the past have filled their limit every day for this 3 day hunt. 
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Upland Hunt With Exhibition Shooter Tim Bradley

Outdoor Solutions has been hosting this event since 2012, with many of the hunters coming back every year. This is not only one of the most scenic upland hunts you will be on but also one of the most memorable. Spending a couple of days with Tim and the Outdoor Solutions team makes this event one of a kind.
Not only does Tim put on his exhibition show but also hunts in the field with each group of hunters. We will apologize in advance for his jokes, they are really pretty bad!  (Full Details) 

Oklahoma Whitetail/Hog Combo

Reduced to $2750

Western Oklahoma terrain is completely different than the hardwoods of Central and Eastern Oklahoma. You will find plenty of wide open agriculture that keep these big boys fed but you will find them where they hang out in deep cedar filled draws and hidden food plots.

Our outfitter is continuously scouting and setting up his blinds and tree stands in hot area’s with the biggest bucks. This hunt is budget friendly but you have the possibility of running into a giant on any given day. (Full Details)


Opportunity For 2 Bucks and 2 Does

Not one and done! This hunt offers the opportunity at multiple deer! This hunt takes place on a 16,000 acre private ranch, located near Del Rio, Texas.  This ranch is known for lots of deer and bucks in the 125-145 class, with a few larger bucks taken every year. 

The main advantage of this ranch is the sheer numbers of deer, including bucks.  This area is known for good whitetail  management, in the South Texas brush country.   This ranch is mostly flat, with some very mild elevation changes.  This is a great hunt for seeing lots of deer every day, and lots of bucks, with 100% success rate so far.

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High Success Colorado Elk Hunt Or Make it a Combo With A Trophy Mule Deer! https://outdoorsolutionscorp.com/texas-long-range-shooting-schools-colorado-elk-hunt/

One of Outdoor Solutions highest positive feedback from clients outfitter in our lineup. This family operates their archery, muzzle loader, rifle, deer, elk and bear hunts on private lands and under special use permits issued by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management encompassing over 50,000 acres.

You won’t be coming here to shoot a 350’’ bull but what you will see are lots and lots of elk with very high shot opportunity.  (Full Details)

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