115th Annual Meeting & Cookbooks

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                Protective Association


Subject:     115th Annual Meeting & Cookbooks


Manitowoc County Fish & Game Protective Association was founded on October 21, 1907 by a group of concerned citizens who felt it was important to protect the natural beauty and resources of the area.  2023 marks the completion of 115 years of people in the area living up to that commitment through what is now over 25 individual sporting organizations in Manitowoc County. Manitowoc County Fish & Game recognized as one of the oldest US conservation organizations.


Fish & Game is reviving a long tradition by holding its 115th Annual Meeting on Thursday, January 26th  starting at 7 pm at City Limits in Manitowoc.  There will be a presentation on the role bees play in our environment, legislative updates, and updates on the activities of Fish & Game in the community.  This is open to the public and lunch will be served.  Everyone is invited to come and celebrate this rich heritage.


In recognition of this history, there have been two special cookbooks added to the organization’s website for FREE download.  The group has scanned select pages of a 1946 wild game cookbook that gives a look back at how sporting men and women prepared their game.  There is also the 100th Anniversary Cookbook, which was sold by the organization in 2007 at their 100th anniversary celebration.  These are available for free download at www.mantyfg.org for a limited time.  Recipes are from club members and reflect long standing ways to cook game.


Manitowoc Fish & Game works to promote and protect the rights of sporting men and women in the county through a variety of projects, facilities, and education programming.  It has supported a number of youth projects and education programs.  The organization holds over 450 acres of land in public access, always available for public use in hunting, fishing or just strolling and enjoying nature.  They have developed and donated many of the area lakes public access land and partner with state and local governments in maintaining and upgrading piers and properties.


Website:  www.mantyfg.org

or Contact Anne Busse – Unit Vice President at twasinc@tm.net

or mantyfg071@gmail.com